Single Mom of 4 Being Courted for Major Record Deals

Kimberly Henderson first got pregnant at 16 and is now raising four kids as a single mom. Though she went to nursing school, she always loved music and tried to make time to perform.

One night in December of 2014, she filmed herself singing to her youngest child, Vaida, when the then-1-year-old wouldn’t fall asleep. Her sister convinced her to upload the video of her singing to  Facebook. Within a week, 20 million people had watched. Henderson went on to do myriad press, including appearing on TV.

A few months before that, Henderson and Vaida were in a car accident in which she was injured but the baby was unscathed. Vaida had been in a car seat made by Cosco Kids, and after she posted the lullaby video, the company reached out to her. She recently partnered with them to film her first official single “Tiny Hearts” (video above).

“[They] flew me out to LA,” she said. “They paid for everything, my hotel, my plane. They were really inspired by my story.”

On a trip to New York to speak with potential record labels and sponsors, Henderson took a break to talk about life as a single mom and who she’d love to record with

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Grab your tissues and watch her heartwarming new music video:


The original video that got 20 million views in 1 week!