Finding a Healthy Balance

We learned a lot about finding a healthy balance in our crazy busy lives at our March SMU event.

Andria, SMU founder, mom of 4, full-time corporate employee, and business owner of 2 businesses, shared her insight on how she manages her time.  We all shared some of our struggles and tips that have helped us manage the busyness of our every day lives.  We chatted about some apps and tech tips that might help us stay organized and help keep our kids involved.

Here are the notes from this months meeting:

Do you feel like you’re living life each day in a constant tornado? Trying to juggle a job, kids’ school work, extra-curricular activities and family life as a single mom can be very challenging and stressful!  Here are some effective time & household management techniques to help you find a balance in your life so you can restore some order back to your household:

When you are living to glorify God, he will give you the ability to accomplish everything!

There are things in our lives that we cannot control.  But what factors that you CAN control contribute to be unorganized?  Are you dealing with laziness, exhaustion, feeling like you don’t have enough time, anxiety, etc?

-Remove the unnecessary – what are you wasting your time on? Unfruitful activities or hobbies, bad company, negative thoughts and energy, too much Facebook?

-Get focused – write down your daily, weekly, monthly tasks.  Tackle responsibilities based on importance.  Use a calendar that can sync across platforms like google calendar that you can sync to your computer calendar, check online, and sync to your phone. Check out our Organization board on Pinterest for more tips and tricks.

-Allow yourself enough time to get to appts, etc.  With kids of any age, it takes extra time to get out of the house.  Build that extra time into your appointment and event planning to alleviate some unnecessary stress!

-Be realistic – you know what you can handle, don’t take on too much.  We all want to do as much as we can, but doing fewer things WELL is better than doing too much half-way.

-Involve your children in things you can do together.  You are a team!  Emphasize the importance of shared responsibilities.  Set up chore charts for everyone (including yourself) so that everyone knows what they’re being held accountable for.  Check out our Kid Tips board on pinterest to see ways to get your kids involved!

-Simplify where you can.  Use paper products during busy weeknights if that helps keep your sanity!  Your time is valuable, use it wisely.

-Meal prep!  Do you have 1 or 2 days out of the week that are less busy?  Maybe take a Sunday to plan out your weekly menu so that “what’s for dinner?” isn’t on your mind during the day – look into crock pot meals or freezer meals to simplify meal time!  Check out our Feeding Those Kiddos board on pinterest to get more ideas on making dinner time easier.

-Stay committed – create habits.  Have specific days for specific household responsibilities and stick to those.  Letting the laundry pile up is much more stressful than doing 1 load each night and folding during a quick tv show to help “unwind”.

-BE PRESENT AND MINDFUL.  We are all SO buys and have SO much going on. Make sure you are present in the activity you’re working on.  Are you picking up your kids from an activity?  Take time to chat with them instead of thinking of your to-do list.  If it’s dinner time, enjoy making the meal for your family and try not to think of the laundry waiting for you.  If it’s play time or homework time with your kids, put the phone away and focus on them.  If you’re studying for school or catching up on work, be mindful of what you’re doing.  You will get more out of whatever it is that you’re doing if you are present in that moment and not letting your mind wonder.

There are so many things you can do to get organized but it requires ACTION.  Start by writing down 3 things you CAN control that are preventing you from being organized.  Tackle one at a time and get committed.

What other tips/tricks to you have to help you better manage your time & household?