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In March & April we focused on strengthening our Financial IQ!  We had 2 wonderful women from our community dedicate time to teach us about financial planning and improving our credit.

In March our guest speaker was financial advisor, Tina Martin. Tina joined First Command Financial Services as a Financial Advisor in May 1991, following eight years of service to the company as an Associate Advisor and one year as a client manager for Bank of America. She met with us and shared some important information about saving, investing, and protecting ourselves financially.

In April, Amanda Tsampas, our credit expert, joined us to teach us the ins and outs of credit. She answered some general questions about improving credit and also offered to work individually with our members to help them work through credit issues. She shared with us how to pull up our credit reports through and our credit score on

Both women are happy to answer questions for members of Single Mothers United. Please contact us so that we can connect you!

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