Faith-Based Living

We were blessed at our February ’16 meeting on faith-based living. Kim Burnell from The Life Church in Manassas came by and shared words of wisdom that helped us see the importance of trusting in God, in His timing, and in His justice. We were honored to have members of the small group “Finding Your Village” join us for this event!

A few take-aways from our conversation with Kim:

1. Let go & trust
– I have to trust, and believe, and have faith in Him, the One who created me, and died for me before I even asked for forgiveness.
2. Seeing isn’t believing
– Just because “what” I see is not what I thought it should be, doesn’t mean God isn’t working on my behalf or has great things for me.
3. God is always just
– Just because we don’t see justice or see something happening doesn’t mean justice will not come

Release control, release being right, release being justified, release being told “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry” … & just trust & have faith that God is for you, is taking care of you, & loves you! It’s actually very freeing to have faith & just believe.

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