SMU will be collecting membership dues for those who wish to join the organization. Although paid membership is not required to be a part of the group, there are several benefits of becoming an annual paid member.

-$25 due per family for that calendar year (dues are not prorated - the benefits outweigh the cost of membership even when signing up later into the year)
-Free admission to any SMU hosted meetings (childcare and dinner provided).
-Eligible for gift card raffle at SMU hosted meetings
-Discount given on paid events such as family outings (roller skating, laser tag, farm, etc) and women's events
-Given priority access to special events such as school supply drive, Thanksgiving turkey dinners, Christmas party, etc.
-Qualifies for emergency assistance fund, one time per calendar year (amount depends on what is available).


Membership lasts for the entire calendar year in which the member paid and must be paid annually. Although it is to the advantage of the member to sign up early in the year, the benefits of membership will always outweigh the cost, even if dues are paid toward the end of the year (ie: Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas gifts/party).


Our online Facebook groups will remain available to all currently single mothers regardless of paid membership status.

Please find the membership application here.