Children's Ministry Director

Shelah Upson has two wonderful children – Jada (15) and Jazzlyn (11). Her mother, who is her inspiration, raised 6 children in a single family household. Shelah was blessed with the gift of working with children at a young age. She’s been working as a professional chef and early childhood caregiver for over 15 years. Her passion and gift has always been working with children.

Working as the Children’s Ministry Director for SMU gives Shelah the opportunity to help the children develop more intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. Her goal is to encourage a sense of satisfaction with their individualism and feelings of self-respect. SMU promotes interaction between members’ children, including encouraging them to get along socially with their peers and motivating them to set goals in life. It gives the children a safety net to come to when dealing with stressful situations. SMU provides activities that will help stimulate curiosity in learning through discovery, exploration and play, while encouraging creativity, problem solving and decision-making skills. Overall, the children come together and have a great time, which gives their mothers peace of mind while they are building, encouraging, and lifting each other up.