Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It also certainly has its challenges, especially when one is taking on the responsibilities alone. Often times, single mothers feel tired, broken, and overwhelmed. At SMU, we want our members to find encouragement and support from others who are or have been in their current situation. We also want to provide resources to help equip moms with the tools to be successful despite their circumstances.

Our mission at SMU is to provide spiritual, emotional, and professional support in order to encourage, equip, and empower single mothers in Virginia.

Through our events and an online community, SMU hopes to:

  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for single mothers to connect
  • Promote a healthy balance between family, work, and social life
  • Encourage health & wellness (for moms & kids)
  • Teach on financial stability & planning
  • Facilitate goal setting & follow-through
  • Provide community & professional resources
  • Support professional, emotional, & spiritual needs through networking, community-building, & prayer

With donations from our community of supporters, some of SMU’s outreach goals include:

  • Providing budgeting support and credit repair assistance for members and expanding events to more cities around Virginia
  • Hosting and sponsoring members for an annual  Single Mothers’ Retreat
  • Providing emergency assistance to single mothers for basic needs such as utilities, housing, transportation and child care
  • Sponsoring children of members for summer camps and/or summer activities
  • Assisting member and their children with receiving family counseling and similar services
  • Helping families in domestic violence situations with resources and the financial means to find safety
  • Providing backpacks filled with supplies for students during our annual back-to-school event
  • Assisting mothers with costs associated with extra-curricular activities for their children
  • Providing Thanksgiving meal baskets and turkeys to our members
  • Hosting our annual Christmas party with gifts for mothers and children