About Us

Single Mothers United

Single Mothers United

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.  It also certainly has its challenges, especially when you’re taking on the responsibilities alone.  Often times, single mothers feel tired, broken, and overwhelmed.  At SMU, we want our members to find encouragement and support from others who are or have been in their current situation.  We also want to provide resources to help equip moms with the tools to be successful despite their circumstances.  Through our monthly meetings and events we are humbled and blessed to help empower single moms in our community.

Our mission at SMU is to provide spiritual, emotional, and professional support in order to encourage, equip, and empower single mothers in the Northern Virginia area.

Through monthly meetings and an online community, SMU hopes to:

  • Provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for single mothers to connect
  • Promote a healthy balance between family, work, and social life
  • Encourage health & wellness (for moms & kids)
  • Teach on financial stability & planning
  • Facilitate goal setting & follow-through
  • Provide community & professional resources
  • Support professional, emotional, & spiritual needs through networking, community-building, & prayer



Andria Yamamoto, Founder

Andria Yamamoto is a happily married mother of 4 amazing children. She became pregnant at the age of 15 and had her first son at 16 in April of 2002. Andria faced many financial, spiritual and emotional hardships along the course of her journey and at 19 she had her second child. She found herself single once again and was determined from then on to not fall victim of the statistics and stereotypes that surrounded young single mothers. Through those many trials and tribulations Andria was able to use her lessons learned as a means to set high goals and work daily, weekly and monthly on achieving them.




Andrea Balarezo, Co-Founder

Andrea Balarezo is happy wife to her husband Travis, a mother of 3 beautiful children, and a teacher/tutor in the Northern Virginia area. She became a single mom in March 2002 at the age of 16.  With the support of her parents and by the grace of God, Andrea graduated from high school and went on to study Elementary Education at Penn State with her 2-year-old son in tow.  Determined to fight against the statistics associated with being a teen mother and with a desire to aid others in doing the same, Andrea launched AllSingleMoms.com, a support and resource website catered toward young and single mothers (no longer active).  In June 2007, Andrea lost her mother to cancer and soon after, her little brother came to live with her.  She now found herself in college pursuing her degree, working to help provide for her family, and raising 2 children.